Use ES6 on your Squarespace site...Today!

Today I released a Gulp/Babel boilerplate to use on Squarespace sites.

The benefits of which are:

  • You can write ES6 on your Squarespace site using Babel
  • You can use modern versions of LESS instead of the Squarespace version of LESS
  • Upload your changes on save via SFTP to your developer site

Check it out here!

Couple points:

  1.  Make sure to add gulp-sftp-auth.js to your .gitignore!
  2.  Add main.css to the stylesheets array in template.conf
  3.  Include the main.js script in your site.region file

2/17/16: I have not tested this in full. I'm sure there are bugs. Please don't use this on your production site.  Make sure to do adequate testing on your developer site before pushing it to your live site.